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Research Workshop on Business and Human Rights at ESIL Conference – 23 May 2013

On 23 May I will speak at the research workshop organised by the European Society of International Law Interest Group on Business and Human Rights. Below is the programme. More info from my colleague Dr Olga Martin-Ortega (University of Greenwich) on the interest group’s website.


European Society of International Law Interest Group on

Business and Human Rights

 2nd Research Workshop:


Amsterdam, 23rd May 2013 (13:00-16:00)

VENUE: Oudemanhuispoort 4 (main building of the Faculty of Law), University of Amsterdam Room: D118A. Directions here.  

Welcome and IG update: Olga Martin-Ortega

Panel 1: Implementation and Compliance

Chair: Freya Baetens

Nadia Bernaz, “Addressing Slave Labour in Supply Chains through Reporting“

Karin Buhmann, ““Responsible sourcing of natural resources: Enriching EU environmental and trade policies and law through the UN Framework and UN Guiding Principles“

Karen Weidmann, “Monitoring Business Compliance with Human Rights Standards: The Role of the
National Contact Points for the OECD-Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises“

Carmen Marquez Carrasco, Luis Rodríguez Piñero and Laura Iñígo Alvarez, “The implementation of the UN Guiding Principles in Spain”

Panel 2: Accountability and Enforcement  

Chair: Olga Martin-Ortega

Angelica Bonfanti, “Extraterritorial Jurisdiction as a Remedy for Victims of Business-related Human Rights Abuses: European and US Perspectives“

Shannon Dobson, “Corporate Liability in the United States: The Kiobel Case in International Perspective”

Julieanne Hughes-Jennett, “Is litigation before national courts the best response to purported human rights violations involving multinational corporations in developing countries?”

Alessandro Costa, Antonella Sarro, Marta Bordignon, Bandini Chhichhia and Giada Lepore, “Accountability of Banks for Human Rights Violations”

Next steps and activities: Freya Baetens

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